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Bus stops in Vienna

  1. Busterminal Stadion Center
    Address: Olympiaplatz 2
    Phone: +43 1 726 51 29
  2. Belvedere Palace
    Address: Landstrasser Guertel 3
  3. Vienna International Bus Terminal
    Address: Erdbergstraße 200A
  4. Wien ZOB VIB

  5. Busstation Erdberg
    Address: Erdbergstr. 200 A
  6. Gas station OMV
    Address: Gas station OMV .
  7. Vienna West Train Station (Felberstraße)
    Address: Felberstr. 1
  8. Vienna South Train Station
    Address: Arsenalstr. 80
  9. Vienna Airport

  10. Vienna Central Train Station South Exit
    Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 1
  11. Vienna City Center Station
    Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße
  12. Vienna Airport Train Station
    Address: Sebaldgasse
  13. Vienna Central Train Station
    Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 1
  14. Vienna Airport Bus Station
    Address: Schwechat
  15. Vienna Simmering Train Station
    Address: Simmeringer Pl. 1
  16. Vienna Main train station (Südtiroler Platz)
    Address: Südtiroler Pl. 3
  17. Vienna Central Train Station S+U Waldmanngründe
    Address: Südtiroler Platz
  18. Vienna Airport Parking
    Address: Parkstraße 889
  19. Vienna West Train Station
    Address: Europaplatz 2
  20. Vienna International Bus Terminal
    Address: Erdbergstraße 200A
  21. Vienna Airport Charterbus Parking
    Address: Charterbus Parkplatz Busstrasse
  22. Vienna Meidling Train Station
    Address: Eichenstraße 25

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