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Bus stops in Brno

  1. Bus Station Zvonarka
    Address: Zvonarka 411
    Phone: +420 543 217 733
  2. Brno Benesova Bus Station
    Address: Benešova 21
  3. Brno Coach Station
    Address: Vídeňská 98
  4. Brno Zidenice Train Station
    Address: Lazaretní 4298/11A
  5. Brno Main Train Station
    Address: Nádražní 1
  6. Brno Dolni Nadrazi Train Station
    Address: Rosická 1
  7. Brno Rooseveltova
    Address: Rooseveltova 2
  8. Brno Královo Pole Train Station
    Address: Budovcova 2719/2

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